LLBT offers a full range of legal services to public and private institutions regarding civil liability, student matters and employment law. LLBT represents institutions in matters brought before state and federal courts and administrative agencies. LLBT provides counseling services on the appropriate handling of student education, support, and discipline matters.  LLBT works with educational institutions to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, investigate misconduct, evaluate employee performance and assist in administrating employee discipline that will be sustained in court or arbitration. With over 150 hours annually, LLBT provides trainings for school administrators and boards on a wide variety of student and employment law issues including state and federal harassment, bullying, hazing and Title IX regulations, and FMLA & ADA requirements. LLBT supports school boards throughout the state on governance and policy matters. LLBT routinely collaborates in the creation of model policies with leading Vermont educational groups including the Vermont School Boards Association.  LLBT has decades of experience managing media relations that accompany high profile cases and matters of public concern.

Services Provided
Civil Suit and Administrative Defense Services
Collective Bargaining and Negotiations
Employment Matter Counseling
Federal Title IX
Public & Student Record Requests
School Boards
Section 504 and Special Education Matters
Student Matter Counseling
Vermont's Harassment, Hazing & Bullying Statutes & Policies

A Proud Partner of Vermont School Board’s Insurance Trust

Since its 2001 founding, LLBT has been proud to partner with Vermont’s own self-insured risk pool Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust.

Public School Institutions

LLBT represents the majority of public school (K-12) districts in the state of Vermont, and a number of private institutions.

A Proud Partner of Vermont School Boards Association

LLBT attorneys serve as legal consultants to the VSBA in the maintenance and updates of its “Model Policy Manual.”


“Heather & Pietro’s knowledge, thoughtful preparation, experience with the realities of school system leadership and management issues, their passion for what they do, ability to transmit the messages and the complicated (for many) legal elements of the many topics covered and capacity to instill humor while also underscoring the seriousness of certain topics and consequences of behaviors are all very evident strengths acknowledged by those in attendance at their seminars and by those with whom they have developed both professional and personal relationships.”
Brian O.
Vermont Public School Administrator •
“We have used Pietro as our District's legal counsel the past three negotiation cycles. He brings a wealth of knowledge and talent that includes contract law, state comparables, and influential reasoning skills that recognize the professionals sitting with him and across the table. Pietro's demeanor is always warm yet candid, and he works to build relationships with the client/school board as well as the teachers.”
Libby B.
Vermont School Superintendent •
"Adrienne Shea represented me in a recent Special Education Due Process that went to hearing. Her knowledge of special education law is extensive and her ability to remain calm and professional in a heightened situation is commendable. She is very relatable, accessible (meeting on Sundays to prepare, answering texts, etc.) and provided me with the skills, feedback and preparation to be confident during my first hearing. I trust Adrienne's knowledge base and now know that I can rely on her for any of my special education questions and needs."
Michelle T.
Director of Student Services •
“Heather Lynn takes the legal craft with Special Education and lifts it to the level of art – she is not only responsive to my legal questions, she creates a nuanced insightful response that helps me to understand not only the law but the process of how to better collaborate and meet the needs of children. I say that with over 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and as a doctoral education. Heather Lynn helps me be a better version of myself and I am grateful.”
Nicole C.
Director of Equity and Student Services •
“I really appreciate the thorough and neutral approach that Heather takes in performing Title IX investigations at the University level. It can be easy to create a preconceived narrative around a case, which leads to bias and inaccurate decisions. I never have that worry working with Heather. Collection of all available evidence is key to making a sound decision based on a thorough finding of fact. When there are dozens of texts and emails, their evidentiary impact can often be lost, and Heather takes the time to truly sift through it all and organizes the evidence in a clear and neutral way. She is also always polite and calm with our students. That really matters. Students can easily feel intimidated or uncomfortable in interviews, and she does a good job of mitigating that. I also really appreciate that she keeps me updated on anything I may need to know to ensure the safety of our students on campus. She keeps me aware as necessary.”
Danielle S.
Local University Title IX Coordinator •
“Our school district has found Sean’s expertise invaluable as he has helped us navigate everything from complex personnel issues, student matters, labor relations as well as school merger details. Furthermore, his communication is always thoughtful, expedient and thorough.”
Brooke O.
Vermont Public School Superintendent •
“Sean’s guidance is informed, compassionate and always guided by the strongest of ethical considerations. His responsiveness, confidence and thoughtful consideration of all perspectives, followed by targeted suggestions for step-by-step actions make him an obvious go-to when difficult situations arise. No matter the complexity of a situation, Sean brings his legal acumen, broad wealth of knowledge and keen sense of humor, which serve to put us at immediate ease knowing that he will guide us in an exemplary way."
Catherine G.
Vermont Public School Superintendent •

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