LLBM has a history of excellence in representing business clients.  We work with those clients to create documents that minimize risk.  We position them to prevail in the event of a dispute.  We litigate business law matters when there is no reasonable alternative.  Our experience in business law includes construction disputes, contract litigation and employment matters. The firm uses its vast litigation and trial experience for the benefit of its business law clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my employee handbook reviewed?

It is important for employers to maintain employment policies consistent with the law.  Changes in statutory obligations need to be considered and incorporated.  LLBM recommends that private employers have a handbook review every year to ensure compliance.

We generally accept the contracts provided to us by vendors. Is that a sound practice?

Whether it is a construction contract or vendor form contracts, our clients are advised to carefully consider the language that they accept.  Indemnity provisions, choice of law and venue clauses, limitations of damages language and other unfair contract limitations should only be accepted after a thoughtful analysis.

My business partner and I are having problems. He will not let me review the financials of the company. How can I get access to better understand the value of the company?

LLBM supports clients in asserting their rights.  We review owners’ agreements, consider the law and develop strategies, including litigation, to get our clients what is fair.


"It's rare to find a firm and attorney who treats you like family. Pietro always exceeds my expectations when representing my interests. The thing that resonates with me the most is that Pietro listens to you."
Mark B.
Vermont Business Owner •

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