Intellectual property is often our clients’ most valuable asset.  We help our clients evaluate, protect, enforce, and defend their intellectual property at all stages.  At pre-business formation (or pre-brand launch), we can help you determine the availability and relative strength of proposed brand names and designs, and ultimately obtain federal protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We advise and help protect original works of authorship under the Copyright Act, and negotiate license agreements to monetize (and protect) their use.  We help protect our client’s valuable trade secrets, using appropriate measures including confidentiality agreements and non-competes, as well as utilizing already-available protections under state and federal laws.  We also litigate patent infringement cases, and connect our clients with the right lawyer or patent agent for preliminary protections and obtaining patents.  Finally, where our clients are wrongly accused of infringing the intellectual property rights of others, we defend them and, where necessary, use creative solutions that can avoid costly litigation.

Services Provided
IP Disputes and Litigation
License Negotiation
Trademark Clearance & Registration


“We are pleased to say that we have worked with Andrew Manitsky for many years now and he has thoroughly protected our 100-year-old brand. Not only do we trust the depth of his expertise and appreciate his friendly and sincere professionalism, but we value deeply his personal instincts in regard to whatever situation we are solving. And that’s just it. Andrew solves our legal issues and for a small business that is busy dealing with the day-to-day that is invaluable.”
VT Intellectual Property and Litigation Client
"Andrew Manitsky is one of the best legal minds not only in intellectual property, but also in civil litigation. He has successfully represented our firm for over a decade for trademark and IP filings. I was recently embroiled in a much angst causing personal civil litigation case and Andrew was a life saver. His advice was on point and his approach was very reassuring. Needless to say we had an unprecedented and very successful outcome versus a large public conglomerate."
NY Intellectual Property and Civil Litigation Client

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